We’re living in a closely interconnected and globalized world. We’re eating and drinking products from all over the world. And due to regionalization quality is an ever more important factor for professional chefs and sophisticated consumers. Many products travel around the globe and are just as successful in many other countries, sometimes even more so.

But every market is different. Public relations and marketing are local matters, not just because of the language skills needed. Also highly important are excellent and long-standing relationships with the media and multipliers and the country-specific PR knowledge.

Big global agencies offer a large network, but without the competent specialization at each location. For World Gourmet Connection only the best agencies were selected. Each in their own way is a “local hero” and belongs to the best in their field. All agencies are owner-managed and willing to go the extra mile for their clients. They combine many years of culinary experience and PR know-how. Their concepts and strategies have won awards and they lastingly coin the culinary landscape of their respective countries. With the agencies of World Gourmet Connection clients don’t just have any partner in foreign countries, but ones that are specialized on their products and want their success just as much as they themselves do.

World Gourmet Connection was founded by Susanne Drexler, managing director of German speaking Gourmet Connection GmbH.